Mingus Quintet

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Mingus Series

Bridging our Heritage and Coltrane series, the Mingus Quintet is the very essence of a Marten speaker.

Was it possible to design a speaker that had all the rich sound quality of the Coltrane series for a more accessible budget? That was the challenge we set ourselves. And with the Mingus Quintet we’ve succeeded.

Our proudest achievement to date, the Mingus Quintet pushes loudspeaker technology further still. Offering the very lowest levels of distortion, its sound is effortlessly natural and dynamic.

Details of Product

The crossover is a first order three-way filter. Exactly the same technology as in the Coltrane Supreme 2 and Coltrane 3, this supplies the perfect time and phase coherence and coincidence. And all units benefit from Cell technology, the 20mm diamond tweeters and the 5” midrange drivers.

Together with the three 7” woofers, this ensures the Quintet plays together in perfect harmony. In other words, these speakers have everything they need to create sound so realistic it puts you back in the moment the recording was made.


Technical Specification

Frequency range: 24-100000 Hz +-2dB

Power rating: 300 W

Sensitivity: 87 dB / 1 m / 2.83V

Impedance: 6 ohm (3.4 Ohm min)

Type: 3-way bass reflex

Crossover frequency: First order: 370 & 4000 Hz

Terminals: WBT

Internal wiring: Jorma Design

Cabinet: 25-40 mm:s fibre laminate cabinet

Stands: Polished stainless steel with Marten pucks and cones

Dimensions W x H x D:
28 x 107 x 38 (11.8 x 41.7 x 16.9 ”)

Net weight: 61 Kg (136 lbs)

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